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Blackjack Bears: Kassian
Koche Brothers #4
Can she be the guiding light he needs to ward off the darkness?

Kassian Koche hasn’t had it easy of late. His eldest brother and mentor has been kidnapped. All of his younger brothers are finding love amidst the ongoing struggle against the evil Institute. Things are looking bleak. But out of the darkness comes a curly-haired beauty with curly hair and hips to unhinge his jaw that might just prove to be his salvation. If only he knew how to show her the real him. The side that he’s buried away…

Rosie Hernandez wants to help the fight. After the brothers rescued her from the clutches of the Institute and sent her back to the city, she decided to throw in her lot with them. Even if they didn’t want her help. After all, she has no special skills, no hidden talents or powerful connections. What good could she possibly be to a group of shifters and women who were trained marksman, hackers, and spies?

But after a visit from the Institute puts the smoldering yet volatile Kassian in an impossible situation, the group may just find that her best skill is that of animal tamer. Can she help guide Kassian through the tangles of their own relationship, while ensuring he isn’t torn apart by the impossible mission assigned to him by their worst enemies? Love is a strong and powerful bond, but will it be enough to help him save his family?

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